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Speaker spotlight: General Electric’s GM of Women’s Health Ultrasound shares his biggest AI fear

Posted by GE Healthcare on Jul 16, 2019 2:40:54 PM
GE Healthcare

In 8 weeks’ time, Intelligent Health (11th-12th September), the world’s largest CPD accredited summit dedicated to AI in healthcare is descending on Basel, Switzerland.


To give you a taster of what's to come, meet Mr Roland Rott, Global GM of Women’s Health Ultrasound for GE Healthcare who joins our 2019 line up!

What’s your biggest fear in relation to the application of AI?

RR: AI comes with responsibility in quality and application – the big hype around it will carry with it undifferentiated, mixed quality and misuse – with the potential to create significant harm. Especially in healthcare, regulations and controls will be required to catch up fast to warrant ethical and high-quality use of AI.

How do you think AI will cause human contact to change in the future?

RR: I do not think human contact will be replaced by leveraging AI, but it will be augmented and, in certain applications, also enhanced. The desire of humans to have human interaction - especially in the area of healthcare - is deeply founded and while AI can exceed the human potential in specific fields, it doesn’t come close to full experience and trust of a human-to-human contact.

Which 2 people do you admire most in the world of AI in terms of their work?

RR: Eric Topol – visionary cardiologist who keeps connecting the dots between the potential of technology and its application to advance quality of healthcare - @EricTopol

Kate Crawford – inspirational researcher on the ethical implications of AI, one of the leading female thought leaders in the field (

What are you most excited about at IH?

RR: I am most excited to meet and learn from a wide range of visionaries in shaping the future of health.

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11th-12th September 2019

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