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AI in Healthcare - Accenture

Posted by Intelligent Health on Sep 3, 2018 10:12:43 PM
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Applied Intelligence is how Accenture uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reimagine business—enabling their clients to do things differently and do different things. It’s their approach to embedding AI, automation and analytics at the core of the enterprise to break down silos and create more agile and adaptive processes, enable better decision making, and empower businesses to identify and capture completely new opportunities. And, they can do it at speed and scale thanks to an extensive suite of industrialized solutions for industries and functions.


Below is a link of how AI can help you generate insights from vast amounts of data in real-time, creating new intelligence that can power innovative patient treatments, better care, more efficient operations and new business growth.


View video here:


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Explore more of the ways Applied Intelligence is already redefining possibilities and powering new outcomes across business functions at


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