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Posted by Intelligent Health on Jun 16, 2021 1:06:02 PM
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Topics: HealthTech, modern technology, health for all

Announcement: Business events get the green light to reopen in Amsterdam

Posted by Intelligent Health on Jun 16, 2021 12:51:19 PM
Press Release: Business events get the green light to reopen in Amsterdam
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Topics: HealthTech, modern technology, health for all

Interview with Catherine Lunardi, CEO, GENAIZ

Posted by Intelligent Health on Jun 3, 2021 1:28:56 PM

Catherine Lunardi is the CEO and Founder of GENAIZ. Ms. Lunardi has worked for over 20 years in a consulting and business analyst capacity, including as President of Uni3t, a consulting services company in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Through her work with clients, Ms. Lunardi identified functional gaps in the software solutions available to the industry: "a lack of data to support decision-making" and "difficulty exploiting past data (especially those from failed projects)." Using her expertise and vast experience, she launched GENAIZ in 2016 to be an open and flexible platform based on artificial intelligence and concepts borrowed from neuroscience.


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Topics: HealthTech, modern technology, health for all

GJE & Intelligent Health – AI & IP Series

Posted by Intelligent Health on Apr 27, 2021 5:27:23 PM

This is the first of a series of articles prepared for the Intelligent Health community, directed at all innovators using artificial intelligence to solve problems in healthcare.  Our aim is to address some of the misconceptions we hear frequently around the protection of AI-based HealthTech inventions and to provide some practical guidance on the steps that should be taken to secure protection that supports your commercial aims and the wider adoption of your technology.

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Topics: HealthTech, modern technology, health for all

Announcement: New Partners for Global Meet Up in May 2021

Posted by Intelligent Health on Mar 2, 2021 4:17:34 PM

Announcement: World leading AI and Health Tech Summit announces new partners for global meet up in May

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Topics: HealthTech, modern technology, health for all

InspiredMinds support AGE UK with COVID telephone service

Posted by Intelligent Health on Feb 1, 2021 11:31:53 AM

InspiredMinds are excited to announce that they have joined up with AGE UK to support the phone a friend volunteering service.

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Topics: HealthTech, modern technology, health for all

Intelligent Health UK 2021 themes revealed

Posted by Intelligent Health on Dec 2, 2020 12:23:43 PM

They say that lightning never strikes twice, and this year has seen a seismic shift in the global healthcare system. The impact of advanced technology in the healthcare sector has really been felt this year - but will it continue?

One thing is certain - Intelligent Health UK will be back in London with our headline sponsor TPP on the 11-12th May, in partnership with NHSx, here are the themes for 2021. 


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Topics: Medicine, HealthTech, COVID-19

Meet the IH community's top 50 Innovators in 2020

Posted by Intelligent Health on Dec 2, 2020 12:23:26 PM

Who left us shook? Who blew our as-yet-unblown minds? Here is the Intelligent Health community's top 50 Innovators of 2020! 


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Topics: HealthTech

Cancer Vs Covid-19: The cost of Covid disruption on Cancer patients

Posted by Intelligent Health on Nov 5, 2020 4:06:52 PM

Around the world, 38% of cancer surgeries have been cancelled due to pandemic.


We’re in unchartered waters for delivering cancer care due to the pandemic with virtually every aspect of cancer care and research heavily impacted. It’s undoubtedly a grave time for oncology patients across the globe, and there is an essential need for understanding the challenges and being able to identify solutions which can be shared to help get cancer services back on track, quickly.


Never has the pace of change been more rapid.


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Topics: Cancer, COVID-19

GenAIz Announces Official Sponsorship and  Active Community Membership of Intelligent Health 2020

Posted by Intelligent Health on Sep 4, 2020 9:53:28 AM

 Montreal, QC – September 4, 2020 – GenAIz is pleased to announce that they will become an official sponsor and active community member of Intelligent Health 2020. Organized by Inspired Minds, Intelligent Health 2020 is the only large-scale global summit series focused purely on AI in medicine and the annual meeting place of the Intelligent health community. 
“We felt that the Intelligent Health mission is aligned with GenAIz's own mission to increase collective well-being by accelerating the creation of better products, processes and treatments, through a state-of-the-art innovator's assistant,” said Catherine Lunardi, CEO at GenAIz. “We are proud to be part of the Intelligent Health community to progress global discussions about how AI can be used to solve some of the world’s greatest healthcare problems and set the global AI agenda in healthcare.”  
Intelligent Health events include the World Summit AI and Intelligent Health global summit series where the global AI & health community will discuss how to apply AI and drive technology in healthcare and life sciences. In an effort to ensure innovation continues amongst healthcare and technology professionals Intelligent Health 2020 will take place virtually September 9-10 th, 2020. During the show, Intelligent Health 2020 will explore how to create a future with AI in healthcare without borders.  
As Ms Lunardi explains, “AI in medicine without borders is a world of diversity. Diversity fuels creativity and innovation. And innovation is the key to success in healthcare and life sciences.  GenAIz delivers innovation. We bring people together on a platform where innovation can thrive as they interact with their data and extract the relevant insights needed to make more informed business decisions.  
The Intelligent Health community is comprised of a global community of over 54,000 multidisciplinary experts from pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech, health provisions, clinicians, tech companies, startups, investment and science.  
About GenAIz   
GenAIz is an innovation accelerator; providing insights, ideas and recommendations that advance existing projects and identify untapped opportunities. It is a revolutionary solution for the management of knowledge related to the multiple facets of innovation such as portfolio, regulatory, clinical, combined with cutting-edge AI/ML-based intelligent assistants. For more information, visit :    

50 rue Queen  
Suite 102   
Montreal, QC   
H3N 2N5

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