An Interview with Frank Dannacher, Director, AI & Data Practice Lead for Life Science and Healthcare, Deloitte Switzerland

Posted by Intelligent Health on Sep 6, 2022 1:40:50 PM
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Ahead of chairing Innovation Stage amongst leaders of the most disruptive AI health tech companies at Intelligent Health 2022 (7-8th September, Basel, Switzerland), we asked Frank Dannacher, Director, AI & Data Practice Lead for Life Science and Healthcare, Deloitte Switzerland about his thoughts on the future of AI in healthcare.



If you could solve any global health problem in the world with AI, what would it be?


The shortage of doctors and healthcare personnel. 


Presuming that was solved, what would your second choice be?


Support drug discovery based on data (from genomics to longitudinal patient data).


How do you think AI will make its biggest mark in healthcare in the next 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?


5 years: Drug discovery
10 years: Patient engagement - on wards and at home
20 years: Performing operations.


What excites you most about the application of AI in healthcare?


Models ability to process vast amount of data to come up with recommendations (while learning). Supports the nurse and doctor in making their treatment decisions, alert patients for (rare) symptoms/diseases.


What’s your biggest fear in relation to the application of AI in the health/medicine field?


How do you think AI will cause human contact in healthcare to change in the future?


AI will support the human contact, as doctors and nurses can focus on key things and i.e. chatbots cover administrative / non medical interactions.


What does AI mean for the skill requirements of health professionals? How will it change?

We need to make the technology good enough in order for health professionals to easily grasp solutions, tools and the meaning with the / background for i.e. recommendations. Health professionals will have to learn something about data and analytics.
Why did you choose to present at Intelligent Health?
I attended previous IH conferences, and we are now sponsor. So happy to contribute to / facilitate the common knowledge in this space.
What are your personal goals from the summit? 
Meet some smart people to exchange views.
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We look forward to welcoming him on stage! Join Frank and the AI and healthcare community at Intelligent Health Basel to break down the barriers between tech and healthcare and help #saveliveswithai.  


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