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Posted by Intelligent Health on Feb 3, 2023 10:55:42 AM
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‘Close the Care Gap’ is at the centre of World Cancer Day 2023 with the worldwide campaign encouraging everyone to unite our voices and take action together. 

Cancer is a leading cause of deaths worldwide, and technology is at the forefront of enabling clinicians to radically improve diagnosis, treatment regimes and patient care. 

At Intelligent Health we are dedicated to creating a forum where these ground-breaking discussions can happen. This year we will stage the most critical conversations with those at the forefront  - the biggest experts that are championing how AI can fuel better assessment, diagnostics and treatment for cancer.


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At Intelligent Health UK we bring you...


>> A use case on transforming bowel cancer care through AI with exclusive insights COLO-DETECT led by Alexander Seager, Gastrointestinal Research Fellow, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust. 

>> An insight into how robots can assist more cancer screenings and give outstanding results to diagnose and treat cancer faster. Get a seat at the presentation on “40 robots. 100k screenings. One day.” The Covid test line proved just 40 robots can test 100k samples of saliva a day. With track and trace of those samples within 4 hours and patient records updated within 8, the doors open to applying the same digital intelligence to prostate, cervical and ovarian cancer. 30 million AI assisted cancer screenings a year become game-changing. But what happens next with this ‘big data’ – and how is it narrowing the gap from information translation from data to diagnosis? Hear hard facts and a roadmap of how it’s being done from Covid to cancer from Martin Gossling, Head of Commercial Innovation, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

>> A workshop diving into tech enablement of preventative measures in public health
Be part of a practical session looking at funding public health intervention schemes that streamline efficiency and delivery of service that is data and tech driven and shifting gears to more patient-facing vs system oriented programmes. Will a preventative approach with the help of tech and AI be the catalyst to less cancer cases? Join the conversation and share your thoughts.

>> An unmissable panel discussion: AI - Breast cancer’s silver bullet - or is it?
AI often bears the pressure to find and diagnose cancer alone; to mitigate the shortage of experts or eliminate radiologists entirely, but is that where we are setting ourselves up for failure? Is there more value when AI is more closely integrated into the entire clinical routine from start to finish, and when it’s complemented by automation? Where can AIs power truly be harnessed and how do we move from debate to deployment faster? What are the ‘steps to success’? How can the techies and clinicians map AI into the clinical pathway for cancer effectively? What ‘failures’ can you prevent in your trust? Be part of 2023’s biggest debate with 360 insights on AI for breast cancer, from innovation and clinical deployment decisions to investment. Be part of the conversation with Dr. Andrew Elder, Deputy Managing Director, AlbionVC and other top experts as they debate the issue

 We bring together a unique ecosystem of clinicians, technologists and C-Suite business leaders to create a future where AI will revolutionise health.


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Global AI and health events calendar 2023

Intelligent Health UK
24-25 May 2023

ExCeL London, UK 


Intelligent Health 
13-14 September 2023

Basel, Switzerland

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