Healthcare, ChatGPT, LLMs and the AI Revolution

Posted by Intelligent Health on Mar 29, 2023 3:25:23 PM
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The world is in the middle of an AI revolution - but where does healthcare sit? ChatGPT and LLMs are the hottest topics right now as they hold the potential to completely change healthcare and the conversations are only just getting started.


How will ChatGPT & LLMs revolutionise healthcare to drive better outcomes? Join the conversations at Intelligent Health UK (24-25 May, ExCeL London). 



Junaid Bajwa, Chief Medical Scientist at Microsoft will lead us through the latest healthcare use cases and implications of ChatGPT and how it can be successfully used in a variety of ways, including chatbots for patient communication, clinical decision support and medical research.


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Get behind the scenes on healthcare-specific LLMs, their performance in clinical and biomedical NLP tasks, and their real-world applications with Veysel Kocaman, Head of Data Science at John Snow Labs.



What is the future potential of LLM in healthcare - how does it work, how can it support clinicians, and what's under the hood? Lessons shared by Alan Karthikesalingam, Senior Clinical Scientist at Google Health. 



What role will ChatGPT play as a potential immediate proactive measure: can ChatGPT do the low-risk paperwork so the GP can do the listening? Find out during Proactive NHS panel discussion.



Disrupting the NHS with ChatGPT - A deep dive workshop conversation on the impact of ChatGPT in the NHS – what are the roadblocks, challenges and viability and how will ChatGPT transform the way clinicians and patients interact?


If you’re ready to join the AI revolution with other pioneers in the field look no further than Intelligent Health UK. 


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Global AI and health events calendar 2023


Intelligent Health UK
24-25 May 2023
Platinum Suite, ExCeL London, UK 


Intelligent Health 
13-14 September 2023

Basel, Switzerland

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