John Nosta Talks: Unleashing the Power of GPT & Top 10 Rules for Crafting Impactful Prompts

Posted by Intelligent Health AI on May 3, 2023 12:35:25 PM
Intelligent Health AI
John Nosta, President at Nostalab and Intelligent Health 2023 Headliner, took to Medium to give you expert tips for optimizing the output of AI-driven language models.


John is currently ranked as the #1 global influencer in digital health and the future of health innovation. His focus is on guiding companies, NGOs, and governments through the dynamics of exponential change in the health / tech marketplaces. His voice is one that helps to define, dissect and deliberate global trends in digital health. He is also a member of the Google Health Advisory Board and a frequent and popular contributor to Fortune, Forbes, Psychology Today and Bloomberg. 






"As AI-powered language models like GPT become more prevalent, understanding how to maximize their potential is increasingly important. Writing effective prompts plays a crucial role in harnessing the capabilities of these tools. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 rules for creating impactful and meaningful prompts to optimize the output of GPT platforms. And perhaps most importantly, consider GPT as a palette and you the artist.


1. Pursue clarity: Ensure your prompts are clear and concise, minimizing ambiguity to improve the GPT model’s comprehension of your intent. Clear instructions increase the likelihood of receiving relevant and accurate responses.


2. Emphasize specificity: The more specific your prompt, the better the GPT platform can address your needs. Include essential details such as dates, names, and context to facilitate a highly-targeted response.


3. Establish the desired tone: Indicate the tone you want for the response, whether formal, casual, or academic—let GPT become a Harvard professor or a football star. This helps the GPT platform adjust its output to match the preferred style.


4. Utilize question framing: Framing prompts as questions can guide the GPT model towards providing focused answers. It also fosters a conversational dynamic, enabling the AI to better comprehend your requirements.


5. Impose response length limits: Setting character or word limits can ensure the GPT platform delivers concise responses. This is particularly useful when you need a brief answer or summary.


6. Experiment with diverse prompts: Feel free to try various versions of your prompt to identify the most effective one. Occasionally, rephrasing or adding more information can markedly enhance the output.


7. Incorporate examples: Adding examples to your prompt can clarify expectations and offer context for the GPT platform. This is especially helpful for complex topics or when a specific response format is required.


8. Provide step-by-step guidance: For intricate tasks or multi-step prompts, break down the process into smaller, simpler instructions. This makes it easier for the GPT platform to understand and generate suitable output.


9. Steer clear of leading questions: Leading questions may result in biased or slanted responses. To ensure more objective output, construct neutral prompts that allow the GPT platform to provide an unbiased answer based on its extensive knowledge.


10. Embrace iteration and learning: Be prepared to refine your prompts according to the output received. It’s essential to view interactions with GPT platforms as learning experiences and remain open to experimenting with different approaches to optimize results.


Mastering the art of crafting impactful and meaningful prompts is essential for unlocking the full potential of GPT platforms. Leverage these ten rules, you will be well-equipped to make the most of AI-powered language models and achieve your desired results with ease."



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