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Tencent: ‘Medical AI is very different’

Posted by Intelligent Health AI on Nov 28, 2019 11:06:45 AM
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"MEDICAL AI is very different from AI, if somebody tells you that you can apply a black box model on AI for medical... I think that guy doesn't know what he's talking about" said Dr. Wei Fan, Executive Director of Medical AI Labs at Tencent. 


With a PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University, infused with a passion for medicine, Wei was invited in 2017 to establish the Tencent Medical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. 

Progress in Medical AI:

Two of Tencent’s medical AI projects have now borne fruit: one is an image analysis software which will help in the fight against cervical cancer; and the other is a system to observe and diagnose patients who have Parkinson's Disease. "Parkinson's is only the starting point, we are also scaling up to other diseases as well, which we couldn't do because we don't have the technology (yet)". 


From the early detection of multiple sclerosis, as well as other chronic diseases such as cerebral palsy, and acute coronary syndrome (ACS), we’re super excited to hear from Wei on Tencent’s digital therapeutics platform for chronic diseases at Intelligent Health UK.


We can’t wait to hear from you Wei!


To celebrate, we’ve got a 2-4-1 ticket offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to attend Intelligent Health UK next February in London and Intelligent Health next September in Basel, Switzerland. 


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