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Posted by Intelligent Health on Sep 3, 2018 10:24:07 PM
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The life sciences industry is undergoing seismic changes as it shifts from a product to an outcome orientation and embraces all forms of exciting new science, ranging from digital therapeutics to gene therapy. Data is more available than ever before—and companies are starting to connect disparate data sets and develop more personalized treatments based on real-world evidence. Healthcare is attracting significant investment from global tech giants, like Amazon, Google and Apple, who are looking to disrupt traditional care models and change our understanding of wellness—leveraging AI, analytics, blockchain and other emerging technologies in the process.

As the healthcare landscape changes, organizations must develop a collaborative mindset—there is no going at this alone anymore. By embracing multiple data sources and developing partnerships in the technology space, companies can advance treatment and play a leading role in delivering better outcomes for patients and the healthcare system.






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